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Self-development podcast, Pretty Powerful Podcast with ChaCha & Friends Season 1, Episode 1, launched on Monday evening, November 30, 2020. The podcast was an introduction to Season 1, including what to expect in terms of topics for discussion.

Our goal is to make it one of the best self-development podcasts for women out there.

Now, you’ll be able to not just read my personality but to listen to it as well. You have a voice to match with a face now! Yay!!

Pretty Powerful Podcast with ChaCha & Friends is a self-development podcast with a comedic twist. There’ll be serious moments but don’t set your mind on serious all of the time.

We’re going to have fun while growing out of faulty behavior patterns and other things that keep us stuck.

Warning! You have a Latina host on board. Anything can happen.

Pretty Powerful Podcast with ChaCha & Friends is about the growth and self-development of women, and everything that concerns them,

To include being dumped, dealing with the crazy ex-wife, narcissistic men, self-love, growth mindset, haters, and even sex.

It’s a spoken extension of ChaCha Reyes BlogUtopia but with a greater supply of audacity.

Podcast has launched


On a women’s self-development podcast?

Why, of course! We need someone to bounce back all of the gossip with.

There’ll be all kinds of guests. To include male guests, who’ll provide valuable insight on some of the topics up for discussion. They’ve some explaining to do and we want to hear it!

All of this and more in a relaxing, funfilled atmosphere with lots of great company.

Where Do I Access Pretty Powerful Podcast with ChaCha & Friends?

On Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcast App, Breaker, Google Podcast, and other podcast platforms.

Come join us, invite your friends and share on your social media platforms.

I promise you that there’ll never be a dull moment.

For more in-depth information regarding topics we’ll cover on Pretty Powerful Podcast with Chacha and friends or for self-development tips, visit the BlogUtopia popular post page, leave a comment in the comment section of the blog, or a voice message on Anchor.

Much love and peace,


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