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Online Scammer

How To Spot Online Romance Scammers and Avoid Being Scammed

Online romance scammers are everywhere, and I’m about to tell you exactly where and how to spot the signs so ...
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How to deal with dating trends

How To Deal With Today’s Dating Trends

How do people deal with today’s crazy dating trends in the era of online dating? I recently conducted research for ...
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Dating Advice When The Ghost Becomes a Zombie

When The Ghost Becomes a Zombie: Dating Advice

Your personal "Walking Dead" movie has started and you need some serious dating advice: What to do when the ghost ...
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What to Do When You're Ghosted

What To Do When You’re Ghosted

Alas, you meet the man of your dreams, or so you thought until he ghosted you. He just up and ...
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Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires: How to Identify and Deal With Them

Halloween’s around the corner, which makes this the perfect time of the year to blog about how to identify, deal ...
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How to Increase Self-Esteem Through Journaling

How to Increase Healthy Self-Esteem Through Journaling

If you have low self-esteem, you know that it’s not easy putting feelings and thoughts into words. As a matter ...
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Romantic Rejection and Self-Esteem

Rejection and It’s Effect on Self-Esteem: Is It Something We Should Take Personally?

Fear of rejection, especially in matters of the heart, is a normal reaction. Rejection can harm self-esteem, but is it ...
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Surviving Hurricane Laura Inside the Eerie Silence

Surviving Hurricane Laura: Inside the Eerie Silence of the Eye of the Storm

Eerie silence. That’s what being inside the eye of Hurricane Laura, a high-end Cat 4 storm is like. Surviving Hurricane ...
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Emotional Cheating

What Is Emotional Cheating? Can Relationships Survive It?

What is emotional cheating? Some people do it every day. Yet most will tell you that what they’re doing isn’t emotional ...
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The Truth Behind Why Narcissist Can't Let Go Of The Exes

The Truth Behind Why Narcissistic Men Can’t Let Go of Their Exes

In my blog post, Help! The Man I Love is a Narcissist, a reader left a comment asking why her ...
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Why we gravitate to the negative

Why Are We So Negative: It’s an Ancestral Gene Thing

Have you ever asked yourself why we're so negative? Would you believe me if I said that it's an ancestral ...
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Help! The Man I Love is a Narcissist

Help! The Man That I Love is a Narcissist: Surviving a Toxic Relationship

I never imagined that I'd one day say, "Help! The Man I Love is a Narcissist." But I did. I ...
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When Loving You Means Learning to Love You

When Loving You Means Learning to Love You wasn’t my blog topic for this week. I was going to write ...
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Dealing with an ex-wife from hell

How to Deal With an Ex-Wife From Hell When It’s Over But It’s Not

Dealing with an ex-wife from hell when it's over but it's not, can send even the sanest person over the ...
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Effects of negative self talk

Evicting Your Inner Critic Part II: From Negative to Positive Self-Talk

In my blog article, Bye, Latisha! Evicting Your Inner Critic Part I, I used examples from my own life to ...
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Evicting Your Inner Critic Part I

Evicting Your Inner Critic Part I: Bye, Latisha!

So, I did it! I started blogging. First up, making sure my inner critic remained evicted. As I worked on ...
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