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Passion, Lifestyle & Self-Development Blogger, and Life Strategies Coach

Hi! My name is ChaCha Reyes. I started blogging because I’m passionate about inspiring and motivatng women and helping them develop and grow.

By the way, ChaCha Reyes is a pseudonym for my real name, Aida Rivera. I’ll tell you all about why I chose that pseudonym before I close this out. But first, let me tell you the reason I decided to take this leap of faith.

I’ve been helping women gain the self-confidence they need to come out of their shells and become the powerhouses they were meant to be my entire career.

I worked in the field of domestic violence prevention and intervention, where motivating and inspiring women to action is quite challenging, due to the nature of the relationship in which the abuse is occurring.

I also worked in the field of sexual assault prevention and intervention, where encouraging and building women up is even more challenging due to the nature of the violence perpetrated against them.

But I still tried and I succeeded more times than not.


Because hurting people can sense when someone genuinely cares about them, and they respond to that.

Education and Inspiring and Motivating Women

I've got a lot of education behind my belt, but non of it has given me my capacity for caring.

Education is great, but caring comes from within.

I have a lot of education and practice behind my belt, but none of it has given me the capacity for caring. That came as a result of my struggles, including the ones I experienced in intimate partner relationships.

What I learned throughout the most difficult periods of my life helped me find my authentic self and set me on the path toward living the life that brought me to this point.

The work I’ve done has enabled me to inspire and motivate women one at a time.

This medium allows me to connect with and help thousands at a time.

Thousands who’ll discover who they are, what their true purpose is, how to love themselves out of the boxes others shoved them in, and who after having been empowered, will go out and help others do the same.

So, now for that explanation…

My authentic self has a sassy, naturally flirtatious, funny, charismatic side with a walk a friend described as “doing the Cha-Cha.”

She nicknamed me ChaCha because of it, and that’s what she calls me to this day.

A close friend’s husband started calling me ChaCha, also.

So, I said to myself, “Self! There’s synchronicity here. Go for it!”

My maiden name is Reyes.


ChaCha Reyes was born!

I look very much forward to interacting with each of you.

So, stay connected.

Much love and peace,


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