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Welcome to BlogUtopia!

You found it! This is the place. Welcome to BlogUtopia a passion, lifestyle, and self-development blog created for women by a woman who’s just like you–someone filled with hope, dreams, aspirations, and a whole, hell of a lot of determination.

Like so many of you, I’ve fallen and I’ve gotten back up. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve had successes. I’ve cried and I’ve also experienced great joy. It’s called living, keeping it real, and never giving up.

And that’s what BlogUtopia is all about: excitement, self-improvement, growth mindset, expanding, transforming, becoming, and learning to be okay with the mistakes we’ve made, and the wrong turns we took because they led us to all the right places.

Drama, drama, drama

In BlogUtopia there’s going to be drama, like the one you can read about in the blog post about the crazy ex-wife from hell. There’s going to be responses to readers, like the one you’ll find in the post on narcissistic men.

You’ll also find tips on learning to live your most authentic life, and you’ll learn all about why it is that you can get 100 compliments, but still manage to focus on the one negative comment someone made about your killer red dress.

Most importantly, you’ll learn not only what self-love is, but how to embrace and apply it to you.

BlogUtopia Inspiration and Motivation Spot

If you’re into poems, affirmations, and quotes, BlogUtopia has a section just for you. And it’s not just a place for you to go for inspiration and motivation. It’s also a place where you can go to inspire and motivate others.

So, calling all creatives.

If you’ve never had your work put out there for the world to see, now’s your time.

Passion, Lifestyle, and Self-Development Means Continuous Growth

And we’re still growing…life purpose and strategies coaching, and podcasts are coming soon, all aimed at your personal growth and development.

So once again, welcome to BlogUtopia, my passion, lifestyle, and self-development corner of the world.

I’m super glad you’re here.

I hope you’ll make yourself at home, and join me on this, our amazing journey.

Much love and peace,


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